Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dish TV presents DTH or Ducking The Consumer

DTH by Dish TV was wonderful as long as it worked. Some days back it went on the blink, and I've been chasing their Customer Cell for a wee bit of Customer Care ever since. Mails, calls... nothing has worked. Euro 2008 is almost over, and Wimbledon is on its way.

Every time I speak to a voice that's not prerecorded, I am assured that the matter has been escalated for immediate resolution. And going by their progress I'm sure it's Petronas they are climbing.

The moral of my story?

'Wish kiya, dish kiya, aur ab fish kar raha hoon.'

Gas problem?

The Government gave us one fuel price hike. The gas stations are giving us another. Tried buying regular, normal, zero vitamin, common man's petrol or diesel recently? You'll find more often than not that it isn't available. However the more expensive Extra Premiums and Extra Miles are available at Extra Moneys. If you don't see sense immediately, you'll go from fuel station to fuel station till you finally figure it's cheaper to get the blue blooded variant of gas.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Raghu Dixit

Psst... psst... this is the record of the year. So get that cheapskate, downloading ass of yours to a neighborhood music store and get a copy. It's a hundred and forty nine Indian moolah. That's less than 3 litres of gas, not to mention a whiff of fresh air as well. Go.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


For a clearer picture, refer to a friend who speaks Tamil.

Point to be noted

Children are cute.
Then they grow up.
And start resembling their parents.