Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Thompson twins?

They think alike. They do alike. Even starting to look alike.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Give 'em a name

Call 'em anything but the Sri Ram Sene.

A name like 'Sri Ram' gives them a legitimacy that they should be denied. (I hope a media person has a ear to this.)

I suggest Chaddi Buddies. (In fond memory of the pink that's overflowing from their party office in Mangalore.)

You have a name?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A face in the sand
A quivering hand
Does anybody know
Or understand?
What blew through the air
A bloody nightmare
It twisted Bhopal
Beyond repair

A spine inclined
A jaw you can’t find
Eyes that can’t see
That death has been kind
Legs that can’t walk
Tongues that can’t talk
Lungs that can’t breathe
Lives frozen in rock

Hey long arm of the law, slip out of pockets of gold
Filled by the promises of riches untold
Those pockets have loopholes, those pockets of gold
It’s time you found out our lives can’t be sold.

Is justice no more
Can money buy all
Make the righteous fall
And look the other way
Can the guilty walk free
Screw the judiciary
Kill our right to be
And call it democracy

(Repeat chorus)

They say justice delayed
Is justice denied
Been 25 years
But the tears haven’t dried
The fight will go on
Till justice is won
And the face in the sand
Won’t fade till we’re done

(Repeat chorus)

A face in the sand
A quivering hand
Does anybody know
Or understand?

'A Face in the Sand' is a song I've written in support of the Bhopal movement. I'll soon have an mp3 for you to download.