Monday, August 04, 2008

'Malt satyagraha' in Bangalore

The law under Section 31 of the Karnataka Police Act sends the alive and kicking, running and packing at the stroke of eleven. Bangalore however refuses to go to bed like a good little boy.

The froth has finally risen to the mouth of this wonderfully beer bellied city. And spilt out on to the streets in protest. Cubbon Park it was that saw singers chant slogans and guitar players wield placards, demanding the right to earn a livelihood. The crew was completed by employees of pubs, lounges, discos, folk from the world of entertainment and events, and just about anyone else who cared.
Like Vinod D'Sa.

Click here and a news article covering the protest will spring up. Man on the extreme right, blue jeans, red shirt, fading hairline and flowering beard. That's him. ("VD, say aye.")

He sent me a link to the online gathering on Facebook today. Sign up if you care two hoots. Namma Bengaluru has been taken hostage by the moral police, and a freedom struggle is in order. The protesters convene at the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Cubbon Park every Sunday to register peacefully their difference of opinion. Join 'em.

Will their Gandhigiri beat back the system's gaandugiri?


VD said...

Yo, man! Yeah - I finally got pissed. Considerably more so since, on Saturday night, a flatfoot had the cheek to walk up to a pal's house during a party and try to close down the place because, according to him, it was time for us to go to sleep! Pigs, man - the hippies got it right.

Dilip Muralidaran said...

nice, can we also ban tight fitting jeans, nirvana t-shirts and french fries since those are not healthy stuff too??