Monday, April 20, 2009

Just doing it?

Chucking up etiquette and letting fly with footwear has become a popular sport among scribes around the world. And with the TV cameras on them it throws up instant stardom and sponsorship possibilities like never before. (I hear one bloke was even offered a ticket to contest the Lok Sabha elections.)

Here's how it works.

Scribe. Stands. Throws. Bingo. MVO. This program was brought to you by ABC footwear. Jootey lo, jootey do. Ting tong.

The scribe of course gets a generous fee from the sponsor, and a lawyer. If the shoe was thrown with logo facing camera, double the fee. To spice things up, a few sprightly young things in 'little or next to nothing skirts', can be added to the frame to wave their pompoms among other assets.

IPL move over. The Bootslinging Badshahs are here.

1 comment:

Kedar said...

women have always threatened to reach for their footwear in front of misbehaving men. today, men have gone a step further and actually beat the women to it.