Friday, May 29, 2009

From Madurai, with love

One of my own.


anand said...

Hi Manoj...
It's been late, yet, I've found someone who can write awesome lines and lyrics and also who compose and sing so subtly.
Every song of yours' that I've listened to is far more than any words that can express the accolades. Hat's off to you.
You've become an inspiration to me.
And one common liking of ours is Don Williams..glad to know that..!!

anand said...

Hi Manoj..
It's been very late, yet I've found someone who can be my inspiration. Yes, it's you.
Every line and lyric of yours' is a marvel. Every song is so subtle.
I've become your fan..!!
Words fall short to express my accolades..!!
Glad to know that you like Don Williams..he's one of my favs too..!!

Manoj Jacob said...

A absolutely delighted to hear that. May I please have your surname?

anand said...

My surname is Gautam.
I'm from Hyderabad.
You are turning out to be a great inspiration to write.
I have written some lines too.

Blogeswari said...

Hey lovely ad. Who are the producers ? Well cast, particularly the guy