Thursday, January 11, 2007

What kind of wildlife is your kid watching?

I shot these pics at the Citicentre, a prominent mall in Chennai. The large screen in the atrium was running some fun and games featuring some animals wearing bare essentials. Standing below with their eyes fixed on the screen, was a group kids. Captivated. Charmed.

Now just 2 days ago, my wife and I were shopping at the same mall. The same wrestling federation was being beamed down to viewers in the mall. Mind you, the large screen in the atrium aside, they have televisions scattered liberally around every floor of the mall. You wouldn't miss the action even if you wanted to. On that occasion my wife spoke to the mall manager and had the channel changed. Two days later, nothing had changed.

I advocate parental awareness. Or are you one of those who says, 'beta doodh piyo. bada hoke Undertaker jaise banega'?

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SloganMurugan said...

e not immune. an 18 year old man in mumbai recently went around hammering women on their heads after being inspired by a character from this show