Monday, January 29, 2007

SHOESTRING - Thirty Something - 02 - Let me go

I wrote this one in 1995, a time when I was fighting a difficult battle. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working as a software engineer, but various pressures were dragging me down the road I did not want to walk. I managed to jump it, and jumped into advertising. This song helped me make that leap. Here’s track 2 of ‘Thirty Something’. It’s called ‘Let me go’.

Click here to download ‘Let me go’.

The above link will last 7 days. If you happen to get here after it has expired, write to me at, and I’ll send it to you again. This song is the creation and therefore the property of Manoj Jacob. You are permitted to use it in any non-commercial way you please. Play it, enjoy it and share it with friends. Only remember to give Shoestring credit. It’s taken a lot of work to create this piece. And if you appreciate that, please respect my requests.

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Credits – Let me go

Written, composed, arranged and performed by Manoj Jacob
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Raveolutions Studios, Bangalore
Vocals and guitar: Manoj Jacob
Lead guitar: Dominic D’Cruz
Bass: Abhijit Shylanath


SHOESTRING - Let me go

Everyone has his own cross to carry, everyone has his own story to tell
My Saturday nights are spent alone now; it hasn’t been a long time since I fell
I just have my 6 string to go back on, and the songs I’ve learnt to play
I dunno how far my songs are gonna get me, but I think things are gonna work for me someday

Let me go, let me go (2)
I know you’ve got a lot to give me, but baby I want more
Let me go

If the world could give what I wanted, I wouldn’t want more than I already have
If my girl could give me what I needed, I wouldn’t find myself falling out of love
It doesn’t really matter if I can’t make it, life will go on just the same
I’ll just give what I love my best shot, and if I lose I’ll be the one to blame

Repeat chorus

I think I hear a voice calling me from inside, I think I hear a whisper in the wind
Memories talk to me from another day, seems to tell me I’m losing my way
I haven’t looked at myself for a while, I’ve been makin’ mistakes and calling it my style
It’s so easy to laugh at someone else’s pain, but for every Abel there must also be a Cain

Repeat chorus


Vijay Krishnan said...

Gr8 job on the lyrics...pen on!

sudeep said...

Great lyrics and melody. Guitar leads are excellent. Any shows happening??

SloganMurugan said...


Anonymous said...

Great work!

Any plans on developing something in a "local" language? I am dying to hear good original works in "my" language.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

$HOESTRING - said...

sure would like to do something in the local language. i'd need help by way of a lyricist.

$HOESTRING - said...

please leave ur mail id so I can send you a reply

Anoop said...

hey manoj.... was out in delhi and people were TRYING TO play patriotic number ,,,u know delhi and itz bangra culture... and then gave the DJ " whoz line is it anyway" ,, i tell u there was pindrop silence ,,, and they had to play it again and lighters came out ....

Sanjukta said...

I’ll just give what I love my best shot, and if I lose I’ll be the one to blame

I’ve been makin’ mistakes and calling it my style

Particularly liked those lines.. Grt track..

Jo said...

Great to know you are going to follow the BlogSwara way, Manoj! :-)

I will download the songs and will definitely pass the word.

SloganMurugan said...

who is the drummer?

Finny Forever said...

fresh and i would buy.

-Sourebh said...

nice song...very homie feeling...nice melody.....Great job!

$HOESTRING - said...
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Vinnie said...

nice job on the words and the music, the guitars sound yum....would be nice if u have a drummer record your next tracks as the drums sound too Mechanical....just my 2 cents...

Awesome stuff though...Vinay

yatrik said...

good work manoj.. now releasing album on 29 thats geart i guess there very few singers in india sings country/folk so keep going ..