Monday, February 12, 2007

SHOESTRING - Thirty Something - 04 - Love at first swipe

I remember my first credit card. It came a week after I landed my first job. My friends thought they deserved a treat. How could I refuse? So what if my newly opened salary account was yet to see the first sign of a salary. I had my gleaming new card. So expansively I encouraged everyone to order everything they wanted. We had a wonderful meal. All would have been well, but some weeks later, the statement arrived.

‘Love at first swipe’ is a song about the perils of plastic.

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Credits – Love at first swipe

Written, composed, arranged and performed by Manoj Jacob
Vocals and guitar: Manoj Jacob
Lead guitar: Dominic D’Cruz
Bass: Abhijit Shylanath
Recorded, mixed and mastered at
Raveolutions Studios, Bangalore


SHOESTRING – Love at first swipe

You step out of the ATM and he’s waiting for you there
Would you like a piece of plastic sir, we’re quite willing to share
The first 3 months are interest free
And there’s never gonna be an annual fee
We ain’t asking for income proof
We trust you to be a nincompoop

Living on a credit card
Living on the money you wish you had
Cars, bikes, a lifestyle on loan
No matter what you want to buy
It's all available on EMI
You’re paying for it, but you still can’t call it your own

In just a few minutes you’re ready to put your name on the dotted line
You’re a new man now and you can afford to take your friends out one more time
‘Cos the first 3 months are interest free
And there’s never gonna be an annual fee
So just in case you're out of bread
You can let your card do the talking instead

Repeat chorus

It’s a ball and chain you’re carrying around
It’s gonna bring down right to the ground

Plastic’s light but can weigh you down when it’s called a credit card
It can add up and add up and one fine day hit you really hard
And when you wanna get out, it’s always too late
You’re dying everyday of interest rate
You’ve gone too far you’ve gone too fast
With a lifestyle that’s too good to last

Repeat chorus


Santy said...

I apree to the song...a well made song.
Any song that is close to heart is always close to reality.


Cerberus Nathanael said...

Hi Manoj,
Awesome track this!! I love the guitar work. and it has a great message too. Keep up the good work!!

Vijay Krishnan said...

Quite a nice song again and good social comment on EMI living :)

Anonymous said...

excellent track

Anonymous said...

Very relatable. Awesome lyrics. Sooper cool music. So what's coming next?

- Artefacts

Ojas said...

The download link gives a message that the file has expired. Could you please check and upload again if necessary?

By the way, great music. I heard the samples from the website and loved it :) Eager to listen to full songs...

Vidya Varadarajan said...

As you already know, I like this song the best. Just a bit of trivia for readers... this tune started as a jingle for TVS Tyres.