Wednesday, February 14, 2007

SHOESTRING - Thirty Something - 05 - Missing you

I was in Sydney on work last year, when I wrote this song. A ballad, but not entirely.

A song to my sweetheart, wishing she was there to share it all with me. A narrative of my experiences in this beautiful city. Some good, like the places I saw, the friends I made and the beer I drank. And some not so good, like the discrimination I faced at my workplace. Perhaps because I was Indian. Perhaps because my skin wasn't white. However that was just one person. No one else cared beyond the colour of their beer. Cheers to those wonderful blokes.

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Credits – Missing you

Written, composed, arranged and performed by Manoj Jacob
Vocals and guitar: Manoj Jacob
Lead guitar: Dominic D’Cruz
Bass: Abhijit Shylanath
Recorded, mixed and mastered at
Raveolutions Studios, Bangalore


SHOESTRING – Missing you

Down by the rocks, on a cold Sydney morning
The waters whisper softly, but it’s a different tune I’m singing
The bridge runs across the skyline, and the Opera House below
But my heart runs across the waters, to my baby back home
Just 24 hours since I landed, still taking in wonderland
And all the time I wish aloud, she was holding my right hand
I walk in to a wayside store, 10 dollars for a calling card
And as the phone begins to ring, I can hear my heart loud and hard

Cos I am missing you
Nobody can take your place
Yes I am missing you
Next to me is an empty space
Yes I am missing you, missing you

Dinner, a nap and a coffee later, I’m back at work again
Linda holds fort up front with her band of merry men
I go to sleep with my eyes wide open, a drone is all I hear
In it goes through one side, and then out through the other ear
I wake up from my reverie, to find my diamonds gone
Unlocked from just below my nose while the shrew looked on
I let her have her moment, mine is on its way
On a flight across the oceans, it’s just a few more days

Repeat chorus

There ain’t a thing that can cloud my skies
Nothing that can make me wonder why

Now I’m heading in to the airport, waiting to board my plane
Waiting to run in to your arms, to come back home again
Waiting to tell you ‘bout the places I saw, and the friends I made
Waiting to tell you everything, before my memories fade
To tell ‘bout the beer I drank, sitting on the harbour side
Waiting to tell you ‘bout wonderland, and my lovely ride
To tell ‘bout the good times, and those that let me down
Waiting to go back once again, with you this time around

Repeat chorus

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