Saturday, November 29, 2008

A mirror to Mumbai

What is this 'spirit of Mumbai' that figures so prominently in the media coverage of tragedies that hit the city?

Something that can be called upon to divert attention from the Government's failure to provide security to its citizens?

Resilience to bounce back after tragedy?

A chat topic for hacks seeking their 30 seconds of fame?

Emotional padding employed by new channels to bolster viewership ratings?

Well Mumbai has proved from past incidents that it has the resilience to bounce back. But that's necessity more than spirit. After all what can the working class do but recover and go to work. Mumbai is the most expensive city in India, and if you don't work, you don't eat. Which is a worse tragedy for 75% of the population of Mumbai.

This spirit (read 'survival instinct of the working class') is glorified by hacks on TV, who were born with silver spoons for their every orifice. People who don't need to work for a living. People who don't need to bounce back, but can sit in air-conditioned environments praising the spirit of a city that's been battered and bruised by terror attacks for more than a decade.

The hacks will continue to preach; as will opportunistic politicians who have easier ways of gaining votes than by providing security to citizens - like caste, religion and language. And of course, the TV channels whose reports have more drama than a Karan Johar movie (it's all about TRPs baby!).

The vultures always converge when tragedy strikes. And after consuming their fill, they say goodbye. Adios. Till next time, when the next tragedy strikes.

India needs a change. From the democracy it practises to the democracy it preaches. We need better governance than what the politicians in this country can provide.


Rahul Jauhari said...

agree. this "mumbai spirit" is nothing but a way to continue taking this city for granted.

Raghuram C S said...

"Something that can be called upon to divert attention from the Government's failure to provide security to its citizens?" Manoj, you are dead right. That's what it is.
Put mildly, like religion is the opium of the masses, this spirit of Mumbai, Salaam Mumbai and such cliches are nothing but a damned societal i-pill we have invented.

Dilip Muralidaran said...

damn freaking right that you are. total failure (read as absence) of intelligence. mass mis-communication of intelligence we had, lethargic security policies by the naval guards all of this resulted in the dead people. the spirit of mumbai wont bring back dead people alive. filthy fucking excuse for politicians to get away with their failure. of course, we voted for them and its the way we treat our lives too which forms a major part of the problem. indian lives are cheap and we are destined to be killed like this, we have never revolted against such injustice in life and we alone, exclusively are responsible for our problems... :(