Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sail-in interview

On a dark horizon littered with pink slips, there appears to be a silver lining. Positions are rumoured to be opening up close to the Dark Continent, in Somalian waters.

Applicants are required to be strong of arm and black of heart. Previous experience though desirable is not an absolute must. However, the willingness to learn, burn and earn is indispensable.

Remuneration will be handed out strictly based on performance. LTA, PF, EPS and other such claims will be settled with a rope around the ankles and a dunk in icy blue waters. The claimant will not be retracted until his claims are.

Perks include and are restricted to living quarters, 3 daily meals, 2 sets of overalls and a company vehicle. The uninitiated might consider high speed chases in the high seas and pitched gun battles an added bonus.

Defiance of authority (aka mutiny) will be treated with a tip over the rails, minus the rope around the ankles.

Please note. The company is an equal opportunity employer, and provides equal opportunities to all men on board.

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Raghuram C S said...

Superb bit!!! How about a piece on being part of Obama's Administration Group????