Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TwentyOne C

Ok, I was bored. Logging on, typing a few lines, checking back for comments. Therefore the break. I didn't get away from writing though. I wrote ads, some jokes, verse, and worse, a resignation letter. After 13 years in the business of advertising, marketing and refusing to suck up, I got lucky.

I found an employer who I would love for the rest of my life. I found a workplace where it would actually be all about the work, and nothing else. I found an agency where I could actually work for the people below me.

You know, I really should be saying founded. It's called TwentyOne Creative.

Then bought a laptop, printed a bunch of business cards and hit the road. Armed with a belief in my abilities and the firm faith that clients deserved better than the bull that's hitherto been served up to them.

A few weeks down the line what have I to report? My first client.

So long then, till I have something new to report, which i'm hoping will be really soon. Meanwhile I request you to visit TwentyOne Creative's website for a look at its under construction page. My colleague wrote a rather cute limerick for the space.



kedar said...

that's absolutely fantastic news. i so wish i could work with you, man.

kedar said...

hey, just curious. how did the name come about?

Manoj Jacob said...

Thank you Kedar. Having read your blog I do wish I could work with you too. You are a very fine writer.

The reason for the name? At age 36, I decided to be a 21 year old and start from scratch.