Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sony... er, yet so far away

Last evening I stepped into the Croma on North Usman Road.

Aim of experiment? To procure a HD video camera.

Budget? 25K or less. The latter being the more attractive option.

I figured that having just passed Diwali, the store would be less crowded, and I'd be able to motor my way around without being glared at by fat bottomed Maamis.

All above turned out to be true, and a salesman was at our elbow as soon as we set foot inside Croma. For those who haven't heard of Croma, it's a multi-brand store that stocks electronics among other things. I then informed the salesman of my intentions, desires and depth of wallet.

He promptly showed me the available range of Sony HD camcorders. Explained a few features, while laying emphasis on those absent in the less expensive model.

Cool. All is well. I like what I hear. Now I'd like to appreciate what I will see. "Can you hook up the camera to a television so I can appreciate the quality of the video it captures?"

"Sir I can do it after you buy the camera. With your piece."

"You mean, you cannot give me a product demo?"

"No sir, it's against the rules."

Very quaint. This must be what they call free after sales service. I could imagine the ad.
FREE demo on purchase of HD video camera worth Rs. 25,000. Conditions apply.

I kid you not. This did happen. Try it yourself.


Dilip Muralidaran said...

I'm glad i travel a lot. The last time i brought electronics in India, i cant remember. Glad to be out of the hell hole of putting up with incompetent staff who dont know what they're selling.

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Very good.