Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A toast to your health

A recent invention to emerge from marketing departments of hospitals is the preventive health check. Some annual, some monthly, some at odd intervals. Look at it from the marketer's perspective and it makes perfect sense. Get people in, on the premise that you want to protect their good health. Find a problem. Treat it. Bill it. Profit.

Okay, so I'm not even starting to comment on this modus operandi. The interesting part is there are more healthy people waiting to see a physician than ailing ones.

Let me explain.

50 employees from company ABC Softwhere turn up at this well known hospital for their complimentary health check-up, an employee perk which otherwise the employee would have decided was entirely unnecessary. But if it's free it has to be taken. So what if it's a HIV test and you've never had sex.

Getting back, that's 50 relatively healthy people waiting to see the doc. Also waiting are some others. These folk are unwell - fevers, food poisoning, migraines etc.

Now then. Who sees the doctor first? The healthy folk? Or the sick?


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