Thursday, September 28, 2006

Have you been Casablanca Screwdrivered?

30ml of vodka. Orange squash. Soda. A slice of lime. What does that make? A Screwdriver? Screw me!!

Last night I was at this restaurant off Cenotaph Road (in Chennai) with my wife. Casablanca it's called. Orders were placed. A beer and a Screwdriver. The beer was quite as expected.

The Screwdriver wasn't. It tasted odd. And it was bubbling. We drew the attention of the Manager to the Screwdriver that wasn't. He returned the favour by telling us about the Casablanca Screwdriver (ingredients as above). So we returned the cocktail, paid for the beer and made our way out.

No we weren't offended by the Screwdriver. It was the manager. He scowled and was rude after the drink was returned. And then kept hovering in the background with loud comments about cocktails.

Now how often do we encounter the Casablanca Screwdriver? How often are we denied the basic service and courtesy deserving of a customer? Earlier this month, it was Hutch. They sent a goon calling to collect payment on a bill I was not even aware of. Sigh. I'm sure each one of us could write a 200 page book on the subject of Casablanca Screwdrivers.

All I can say is resist. The managers, goons and service providers who think they are doing you a favour. The brands who cannot distinguish between a good customer and a defaulter.

Banish them from your cheque book.

And by the way,
here's what wikipedia turned up on the Screwdriver.


SloganMurugan said...

Some days back, three of us friends went to a nieghbourhood 'juice centre' to sit and gossip. The little shop was decorated with lots of Mousambis. So we decided that we will order three glasses of the same fruit juice. We were surprised when the guy told us that Mousambi juice was not available. We looked at all the Mousambis used to decorate the place and some next to his mixer-juicer. Atleast 6 kilos of it! So one of us pointed at that and mention that there seems to be enough Mousambis here.

So he said, "Howdu sir, we do. But it has to be peeled. If you want, I can serve you Pineapple juice"

Jo said...

Should try out the screwdriver when I come to Bangalore next time. :-)