Friday, September 29, 2006

In the rear view. Last June.

Was going through an online journal I used to keep. Had an entry on what I thought was a very interesting piece of fungus.

June 14, 2005
To beard or not to beard
This morning I got a little creative with my razor. I shaved, but not entirely. Left a little on my upper lip, a wee bit on my lower and a fair bit on my chin. I quite like it. My wife doesn't. So I popped before the web cam and took a pic. For posterity's sake, before the fungus became history.

The day at work wasn't much different from other days. Many cups of coffee, pages of copy and a few rounds of carrom. Back home, I played around with my guitar. And by dinner time I had written 2 new songs. I played 'em for my wife, and she nodded approvingly. First round cleared. Let's see if I am as excited about them when I wake up.

Good night world. Good bye beard.

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jay said...

interesting blog! keep posting.