Friday, September 29, 2006

You know you are in Chennai when...

... 90% of the billboards advertise saree or jewellery brands (the rest advertise politicians)
... you hear 'let's go to the beach' a lot more than 'let's go home'
... the auto drivers treat you like a millionaire
... you're served 4 chutneys with 2 idlis
... you find not all bakeries are run by non-resident malayalees (introducing iyengar bakeries)
... potential grooms are classified in to just 2 categories - IIT-M grads and non IIT-M grads

... sidewalks barely permit one-way traffic of pedestrians
... you offer a copywriter a job, and he offers you a chance to hire him to your Bangalore office
... you've just arrived from Bangalore, and you're wondering why you took so long

Well I'm in Chennai after 32 years in Bangalore, and I'm loving it. A chilled beer tastes twice as good (click to know why). My car which hardly moved on Bangalore roads is quite happily zipping through Chennai. I work in my network's smallest office but have the biggest opportunity.

Here's to Chennai.


Jo said...

Have you permanently moved to Chennai?

" the auto drivers treat you like a millionaire"

Like this one. When I was in Chennai, I had a friend who lived there for a few years to accompany me, so I missed the chance to be treated like a millionaire! :-)))

$HOESTRING - said...

the auto drivers here quote prices that flatter your purse. quickly however you wake up, and realise they are trying to fleece the last penny out of you.

Between You & Me said...

Yup! No place like Chennai in the whole wide world. The ultimate is the Sardarji in the auto parts store who speaks better tamizh than any native.