Monday, December 04, 2006

In the rear view

I pulled out a couple of pages from my 2005 diary.

July 2005

I shifted house a few days ago. And with it I was disconnected from the world. No I haven't moved to the outskirts of the city. I'm on Airport Road now, but my Internet connection had to be cancelled since my service provider hasn't made forays into these outskirts. My computer is all packed up. And till I find someone willing to hook me up to cyber land without taking all my money, it will stay there.
Got a call from Delhi last week. Unidentified number.
"Is this Manoj Jacob of Shoestring?"
"I'm calling from Platform magazine, and we'd like to do an interview with you."
Gee, and to think I was disconnected.

Aug 2005
Mangal Pandey - The rising that wasn't
The higher they go, the harder they fall. And how 'The Rising' collapsed. In 3 hours, every expectation of mine was dashed hopelessly to the ground. The Saturday night show of Mangal Pandey was money well sent. Down the drain.
That apart, the 3 day weekend was fun. Caught up with some long overdue beer and sleep. I also found time to start putting my verses together for a new song. There's nothing more inspiring than the Monday morning blues being postponed by a day.

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