Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Baby's day out

Some time ago, I was helping a designer with the packaging for a baby food. Asked to write the ingredient story by my servicing buddy who had as much an idea of the ingredients as he had of Central Africa, here's what I came up with. It didn't make it to the final pack design, but makes for a more interesting read than what finally did.

A rather interesting study was conducted by an enterprising student of psychology from the Asansol University, on how male babies react to weaning food. Based on his research, Mentalstatistix (an exchange student from Gaul) delivered a lecture, which fetched him a degree of some altitude.

Below are excerpts from his lecture.

"After you ask your baby if it would please his lordhip to have a meal, study his digits cosely. If he puts his little finger up, he is trying to tell you that he will consider your request after a leak. If he shows you his ring finger, he's telling you not to treat him like a baby - he's old enough to be married. If it's the middle finger, he wants you to 'go forth and multiply'. The index finger pointed at you is his way of saying, he doesn't like your face. If he puts his thumb up, it means he is ready to eat."

Mentalstatistix however did not touch upon the movements displayed by another very important digit found on male babies. I'll leave that for you to figure out.

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