Monday, December 03, 2007

Chennai pubs - more bars than the local jail

Good interiors. Outstanding music. Average service. Parking for 10 cars and seating for over a 100 people. Pubs in Chennai aren't too different from one street to another. Butt for the size of the bouncers manning the door.

So when this new pub opened within walking distance of my humble home, I decided to acquaint myself with its interiors. So after a long day at work, tired of spirit and parched of throat, I ambled up to the pub with a male friend of similar disposition. And just as we reached the door, the afore introduced bouncers - 3 of them - converged on us. I don't know why all 3 came at us. Each of them was bigger than both of us put together and twice as intimidating. Perhaps it was the dawning of the mathematical reality that 3 is greater than 2, and that 1 (no matter how big a 1) is still less than 2.

They informed us that it was Ladies' Night and the male sex was allowed in only in the company of a member of the fairer sex. We decided against any attempt to pass off as bearded ladies, and moved on to another dignified watering hole.

The next time, determined to get past the door, I got my wife to tag along. Of course, I had made it a point to wear fully covered shoes, a collared shirt and bottom wear that stopped well below my ankles. I even combed my hair. It worked and they let us in.

Like I mentioned before, the interiors were nice. Quite pub like, smoky, with a sprinkling of bar stools and TV screens. The music, just the way I like it mixed - classic rock. But there was something else which had classic corked written all over it.

It was the seating.

Men in one section. Women in another. And couples in a third.

Boys' school. Girls' school. Co-ed.


I was disappointed. My optimism had been dashed to the ground and swept into the drains. Here was another pub with more restrictions than drinks on their menu. I'm off to Bangalore for the weekend.


Dilip said...

be greatful the cops did not come in at 2330 hours and arrest you and your wife and remand you in custody until your parents and inlaws came and then they gave advise about how drinking is bad for a womans health and how a man taking his wife to a pub is against culture of tamilnadu etc.,

Im not kidding, this happened 1 year back, right here in chennai!

Fictitioustruth said...

welcome. would be waiting for you at Koshys

SloganMurugan said...

Surprisingly I went to a pub in Madurai once that was normal.

Raghuram C S said...

" I even combed my hair. It worked..." Brilliant!!!!
I agree with you. Difficult to say what gets you in and out as far as Public Drinking Houses in Chennai are concerned! Just wondering what Bertie would have had to say!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think ur better off in chennai.. Blore looks dead at 11 00 .... he he

Manoj Jacob said...

the beer certainly tastes a whole lot beter thanks to the dry Chennai climate. the ambience irks.