Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is Indian society straight? Or is it just my twisted sense of humour?

I find it very surprising that I am more likely to see 2 men under an umbrella, than a man and a woman. What's even more peculiar is that eyebrows are likely to be raised if it's a M-F couple sharing a spot of shade. But two men in a boat? Oh, that's alright. What can two men really get up to?

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Dilip said...

Its religion Manoj, its demonized sexuality so much that all we appreciate right now is homosexuality. Im not kidding. I work at tidel park. All i see i men holding hands down here at planet yumm. What should be otherwise a taboo or strange thing is an accepted normality simply because holding hands with your girlfriend/fiance/spouse/friend and seen outside is considered vulgar.