Friday, December 07, 2007

Scorpions in Bangalore after America

The trains from Chennai to Bangalore are going to be full the next 2 weekends. The music buff is travelling that way. And Laloo-ji if you are listening, this is an opportunity to make a fast buck. Run a special train.

"Bangalore Raack Moosik Axepress".

And while Chennaiites sulk, and lament the absence of Chennai from all band tour schedules, Bangalore continues to remind the world, that it is the place to be in South India. (So what if you're stuck in traffic on MG Road?) I wonder if that will become the next big election promise. Ahead of colour TVs.

America, the band of Ventura Highway and Sandman fame, will be performing on a stage at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore on December 9.

The Scorpions play next. At the Palace Grounds in all likelihood. December 16 is the date you have to keep.

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